A growing town needs the support of a community; it needs local amenities and facilities that encourage healthy lifestyles. Our Karratha workforce accommodation supports the people who support our city. It provides a private refuge after a long day at work and a place to come together as a community and relax after a busy week.

If you’re seeking long-stay worker accommodation in the Pilbara Region, and specifically in Karratha, look no further than our village. We combine the comforts of home with the facilities you need when working away.

Our village is specifically designed to cater to guests who are working away from home for differing periods of time. We understand the lifestyles and needs of FIFO and shift workers, and tailor our service to serve your needs as best we can. We know that a stay in Karratha for work is not exactly a holiday and that living out of a suitcase brings its challenges. We hope to counter this with a level of comfort that you don’t always find in this style of accommodation. Karratha Village is your home away from home.